An easy way to convert your documents into text format. Scan and modify your document on the fly. Try it today!


How to get started.

- Open the app, press "Scan" button.

- Hold your phone's camera against your document

- The app now has a copy of your document as image (jpg)

- Press on the new image

- Press "Recognize"

- Done, enjoy your text file. Ready to be modified and shared.


How it works.

Scanner for Documents uses a cutting edge Image Recognition Technology. Every pixel is analyzed and digitally formatted by layers of software we call "Neuron Networks". If the document is large or is blurry, please allow sufficient time for the software to process the image. Sometimes it could take up to 1 minute to recognize.


Other features:

- Convert your image to PDF format

- Share your image, PDF, or text files

- Save your image to Photo Album

- Modify your text file using Text Editor (copy, cut, paste, and text entry)